Tom Bailey   and   Tony Weaver

 from Lp liner notes:

   "It wil come as no surprise to anyone to hear that Tom Bailey - who, without a doubt is the best blues singer on the European folk scene - is Chicago born. South-side, July 27th, 1942, to be precise. First musical experience was with Paul Butterfield, with whom many a time he has wished he had stayed. Not only because Butterfield is now making it big but because "I like that kind of music". He left soon to set out playing on his own. Thrown out of school and discovering that he wasn't the only guitarist around, he left to take a look at Europe, where, apart from two short trips home, he has stayed ever since.

   Tony Weaver on the other hand, born in Edinburgh, an Irish-Scottish Aries, disclaims any ethnic identity, only aspires to a personal one. Can't give any coherent picture of his life to date, probably because his life hasn't been very coherent. He left home young, after cutting his musical teeth on skiffle ... London, Zom, Dick Shane, Eddie Cochran, Levon from the Ozarks, Jimmy at Chiquito's, ... the old Ballad & Blues when Baldry didn't carry a walking stick ... then it was Brighton beach, Kerouac, Newquay, the Cantata-poets, Finches, Ken Colyers, stuff like that ... Zoot Money, Hogsnort Rupert, Dicky Dee (Oscar Brown Jr.), Ricky Tick, Roly Vaughan Combo, someone threw this Dylan record at my head and it knocked me out ... I had this folk-club in Windsor for a while ... Ginger Tobin, Mike, Ray, lot of people for a while it was fine, then I started to play electric twelve-string you know - screwed the ethnics off, things started to get violent, I got drunk smashed a lot of things, then I went travelling.

































1965   7"   Jo Banks and Tom Baily  -  EMI/Columbia  DD 775

      Car car (Woody Guthri) / Run, run (Trad. arr. Jo Banks and Tom Baily)




1966   LP   Tony Weaver & Tom Bailey:   Working Out    -    EMI/His Master's Voice  KCLP 6

      Death Don't have no Mercy / Deliver Daniel / Song of Lostboy / Long Way to Go / Long Time Gone / I'm Back Again /

      Lover (As You Like it) / You Bring Me Down Babe / Who Says / Going to Chicago / Working Out / 90% is no Good /

      Girl I'm Gonna Leave You Behind / Lady of Spain Rag




1966   7"   Exploding Mushroom   -   Metronome  B 1658

      There Will Come A Day (Tom Bailey & Tony Weaver) / Give Back What You Stole (From Me) (Tony Weaver)


    Tom Bailey (el-guitar, el-bas, harmonica, vokal) - Tony Weaver (el-guitar, vokal) -

   Mac McLeod (el-bas, el-guitar, vokal) - Wili Jønsson (Organ) - Simon Koppel (drums)